cbsi STARS

The cbsi STARS Employee Recognition program aims to show that great customer service provided by our employees to our clients, cardholders, partners and each other will be rewarded.

STARS (“Succeeding Through Attitudes Reflecting Service Excellence”) Employee Recognition Program will recognize outstanding accomplishments by cbsi employees who embody the company’s standards for service excellence. The purpose of the Program is to:

  • Recognize outstanding full-time and part-time employees who embody cbsi’s standards for service excellence, solution-oriented mindset to “get things done”.
  • Reward those employees who show exemplary individual achievement, dedication, contribution, and performance in their jobs toward providing customer service.
  • Acknowledge those whose efforts have inspired and supported the achievement of service excellence in others.
  • Provide recognition to such employees by a means that is fair, with equal consideration of all eligible employees, regardless of the department or level of responsibility within the company.

2018 Winner and Recognized Employees

We are proud to announce George Kalogridis as the cbsi STARs MVP for 2018. George was recently awarded this honor for demonstrating a strong commitment to cbsi’s core values by excelling as a team player and going above and beyond the normal call of duty to provide exemplary customer service through his tact, actions and initiative.

We’d also like to extend our appreciation to ALL cbsiSTARs that were recognized in 2018. You ROCK!

Amanda Raefski
Barbara Neves
Chris Prigge
George Kalogridis
Kate Collins
Kelly Pellicano
Lina Pennella
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