Benefit Programs

cbsi™ offers many categories of enhancement products, which are available "as is" or customized to meet your organization's specific needs. Below is a sampling. Contact us at info@cbsiservices to discuss any of these or other tools and how they could benefit your organization.

Business Services

  • Employment Practices and Liability 
  • HR and Marketing Services 
  • Business Insurance 
  • Waiver Liability

Convenience Services

  • Concierge Service 
  • Event Ticket Protection

Insurance Programs

  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver 
  • Accidental Death Coverage 
  • Term Life 
  • Juvenile Life Insurance
  • Disability Coverage 
  • Health Insurance Discount Programs

Protection Services

  • Purchase Security 
  • Identity Theft Protection 
  • Price Protection 
  • Debt Suspension
  • Return Protection

Loyalty Programs

  • Rewards / Gifts 
  • "Anything Rebates"
  • Sign & Fly 
  • Debt Cancellation 
  • Credit Card Registration 
  • Discount Travel 
  • Pet Insurance

Travel Services

  • Travel and Emergency Assistance 
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Lost Luggage Coverage 
  • Hotel/Motel Burglary Coverage 
  • Emergency Medical and Dental 
  • Roadside Dispatch 
  • Emergency Evacuation and Transportation 
  • Trip Cancellation 
  • Trip Delay Protection 
  • Companion Airline Ticket

Warranty Products

  • Extended Warranty Protection 
  • Extended Service Contracts (Auto, Home, Retail) 
  • Warranty Registration