Price Protection and Return Protection Implementation

by cbsi™


cbsi™ partnered with an issuer of a national office supply retail card to increase inactive card usage and as a result created a campaign whereby Price Protection and Return Protection were added to the card and promoted to cardholders via direct mail.

The results were as follows:

Start of campaign:

  • Total accounts 192,000
  • Total 6 month active accounts 48,000
  • Average Spend per month $63

 Initial results 6 months following promotion

  •  .75% lift in active accounts
  • 10% lift in average per month spend

 Notable changes:

  • Revenue earned from interchange, in addition to interest and fees on additional revolving balances, more than covered the cost of these two benefits. Additionally this issuer was able to engage cardholders that were not actively using their card product.
  • Cardholders received additional rewards just for card use and in turn this increased card affinity.
  • Retailer experienced increase in store traffic and sales of both hard goods and incidental purchases.