Talking Business - FCC Regulators, PACE, Washington, D.C.

At the PACE Professional Association for Customer Engagement Washington Summit in September Regulator Lois Greisman of the Federal Trade Commission and Mark Stone of the Federal Communications Commission spoke with cbsi.

Ms. Greisman spoke of the continued enforcement actions by new leadership at the FTC, regarding privacy, data security, consumer protection, fraud and Robocalling.  She Clearly defined “Robo Calling” as the number one consumer complaint, stating, “Last year we got seven million complaints about robocalling and Do Not Call, each month we are getting a half million complaints about Live calls and Robocalls, 65% are about robocalls”, and resulting enforcement,  “In last six months we have brought five cases about Robocalls challenging entities that have placed billions of calls, enforcement actions have resulted in collection of $120 million in fines.”

Mark Stone spoke to current review by FCC of the Telephone Protection Act of 1991, a DC Circuit Court ruling early this year, and the review of comments received, much of this involves definition of an “Autodialer,” and if government is subject to the rulings as are businesses.

Ms. Greisman concluded session with warning to the contact center representatives, “Absent intense law enforcement, the world would be worse, the barriers to entry are really low, my hope is new technology will continue to improve, you generational challenge on how people will communicate via voice, fewer and fewer people will hazard to pick up their phone.”