Talking Business - David Kirkpatrick

Talking Business with David Kirkpatrick, author, “The Facebook Effect” by Ken Kraetzer

June 13, 2018

Always a pleasure to visit with an author who “Wrote the Book” on an important topic as we did last week visiting with David Kirkpatrick author of “The FaceBook Effect” and CEO of Techonomy Media.

We spoke with David at a seminar in New York City on June 5th hosted by the law firm, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein Selz entitled What's Next For Social Media? Advertising, Data and Regulation and organized by Gotham Media.  Facebook as the “800 Pound Guerilla” in social media communications became the focus of the discussion moderated by Terri Seligman of Frankfurt Kurnit.  Joining the panel were Helen Todd of Sociality Squared, Larry Woodward of Graham Stanley, and David Berkowitz of Story Hunter.

David Kirkpatrick has been a critic of Facebook at times but described how the social media giant had been “spectacularly successful in managing their infrastructure” in scaling from the dorm room start to now supporting 2.2 billion participants world wide.

About Facebook being a good place for national brands to advertise, the Amherst College grad commented, “Its going to be problematic for advertisers, over time quite possibly, they will find they don’t need to be there, it all depends on how good Facebook turns out to be in controlling the content."

For small business such as community banks and savings and loan Facebook can be valuable to provide communication to targeted areas such as smaller towns reaching a high percent of the local audience because so many people are signed up.  Kirkpatrick said, “This is one of the great things Facebook offers the world, small businesses and non profits, very focused impact among the community it cares about."