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No doubt social media permeates our lives despite some generational pleas for times when conversations meant words spoken face-to-face. But social media is not hiding behind a facade of technology but rather an opportunity for a single voice to be heard wherever and whenever possible.

At least we think so.

At cbsi we recognize the power of social media and most important, the powerful voice of the customer through this new and exciting medium. Social media platforms, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others, allow consumers to not only promote concerns but actually solve problems in a way that supports more traditional forms of customer service.

So we have partnered with Social Media Analytics company, Sysomos, to make sure we are listening to and responding to you and your customers. During the past two years, we've helped clients like you better understand not only what consumers think about your products and services but also how to fix situations where perhaps formal processes created delays. We've identified opportunities for new products and services based upon Social Media conversations we've examined. We've been made aware of and resolved urgent issues that many of you didn't know existed.

So what is Sysomos?

Sysomos is a powerful analytic platform that helps companies turn social insight into action. It delivers the insight and intelligence to listen, measure, understand and engage with the fast-moving Social Media landscape. Sysomos redefines Social Media analytics by giving marketers the tools to not only listen but measure and understand what is being talked about, participate in conversations and engage with key influencers.

If you would like to learn how cbsi and Sysomos can help you manage and understand your Social Media activity, contact us at