Partner Spotlight

Beginning in 2016, cbsi decided that it should start sharing information from several of its business partners. Some of these partners provide product and services integral to cbsi operations, strategy and growth. Others represent tools and resources cbsi believes would benefit its clients. Either way, information sharing is a good thing so please read below.


Managing personal and professional data can be a chore. But with SpentApp, the process is easy and rewarding ... literally.

SpentApp is a mobile application for iOS and Android that provides money management solutions with the abiility to earn cash back through all types of partners from hotels, every major airline, rental car agencies and thousands fo businesses across the US.

cbsi's Ken Kraetzer met with SpentApp CEO and Founder, Erno Tauriainen where the two discussed SpentApp, it's capabilities and the worrk necessary to build a successful business.

If you would like to learn how SpentApp can help you manage and understand your finanicial information, contact us at

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