Tablet and Smartphone Customers Could Bring Holiday Sales Results

By Ken Kraetzer, Vice President , CBSI

Participants of the Mobile Marketing Summit in New York City on September 8 th learned that smart phone and tablet computer owners are likely to spend more during the holidays than those people without such devices.

In looking at “Anticipated Holi day Spend “ of cell and tablet users, Joy Liuzzo of Insight Express indic ated that 31% of Tablet Owners will spend more than $501 compared with 24% of smartphone owners and just 18% of regular phone owners.

Moreover, the Summit demonstrated that men were more likely to use their smart phones in grocery stores (68%) and electronic stores (57%) while women were more inclined to use their devices in clothing department stores (57%) . In malls and restaurants , both men and women frequently use their mobile phones and smart devices to review meal options and reservations (more than 62%).

In-store searches and information gathering is also g aining momentum. More than 60% of customers will check reviews and compare brands on their mobile phone before seeking out a salesperson. Taking a picture of an item to send to someone else for review was presented as the top use of a mobile phone while shopping . Other key uses for mobile devices were to search for reviews and scan bar code s for price comparison . Most telling, 11% of customers anticipate being able use their mobile phone to pay for a purchase at a c ash register even though very few offer such capabilities today.

Given the increased presence and use of smart phones, I ssuers can apply several strategies designed to keep card usage top-of-mind for holiday shoppers:

    1. Provide an extended warranty benefit, doubling or more the warranty on cell phones, tablets and other electronic hard goods bought on the account.
    2. Provide a price guarantee in the event a covered item goes on sales soon after your customer makes a purchase.
    3. Consider offering an on - line service which provides locations of merchants which have items on their shopping list and the latest prices for those items.
    4. Holiday travel is a big s pend area so provide special travel offers and protections.
    5. Be in touch with your customers to remind them of the benefits that they have. Use f ourth quarter statements and website space to remind them of the special programs you are using.

Next year the big draw could be the ability to use your smart phone s an d tablets to speed your way through holiday checkout lines.

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