May eNewsletter


The Reason for Rules

We have all experienced some aspect of frustration with our Legal and Compliance teams (unless, of course, you're a Lawyer or Compliance Officer!). We do, however, understand that these entities exist for the protection of our business, clients and consumers.

At times these overseers can be overbearing. At other times, these same groups change
their initial opinions to adjust to the ultimate needs of constituents.

An example of this type of change is the recent congressional roll-back of some
of the Dodd-Frank banking rules.

In this month's issue of the cbsi eNewsletter, we provide insights into the Compliance
world and its necessary complexities.

So, be safe out there. Enjoy the read.


Articles to Read

The links below are articles worth reading. Please pass along to internal teams
as necessary.


Regulatory / Compliance Conferences

The following Compliance Conferences may be of interest to you or someone within your organization:

ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference 

FDIC / JSFR 18th Annual Bank Research Conference

cbsi Compliance Services

Do You Manage ...

  • Company Information: Clarifying your products, services, policies, etc.
  • Tone: Ensuring that your reps' communication style enhances your brand
  • Processes: Responding correctly and consistently to customer requests
  • Compliance: Operating within the industry's security standards & best practices
  • Data Flow: Keeping your data secure and clean as it goes to/from vendors
  • Costs: Balancing each channel's costs against its revenue contribution

How do you address these critical  issues while staying focused on your core business functions? cbsi(TM) Quality Assurance is the answer.

Our comprehensive array of QA services  includes location review, live-monitoring, and analysis of all major customer-communication channels. Tell us about your goals and  challenges, and we'll be glad to recommend the services that are right  for your organization.

If you are interested in learning how cbsi can help you with managing your Compliance

concerns, email us at

Ken Kraetzer: Talking Business, Ride Share Conversation

This month, Ken Kraetzer, interviewed cbsi Chief Operating Officer, Gerard Garofolo, regarding the creation of the Ride Share Program.
Watch the interviews HERE.