May eNewsletter 2019

Because We Have To ...

How many compliance officers does it take to change a light bulb?

Three. One to change it, one to check it and one to check it again and file a report.

Of course we joke (thought not around OUR Compliance officer).

Compliance - while not often the most glamorous or loved roles within any corporation - is critical to keeping companies, partners and customers safe.

In this issue we provide some excellent resources on the topic of compliance designed for everyone - not just you compliance leaders.

Plus we introduce a new YouTube series called, Get to Know cbsi, where we introduce you to thought leaders within cbsi. This month, we talk with cbsi Head of Compliance, Gihan Shahidy (she also has blog you should read).

One last note ...

On this Memorial Day weekend when we remember all those men and women who have died in military service for the United States, please be safe.

Recommended Reading

Below is some great, informative information regarding Compliance, Regulatory Information and Cyber Security.

Insurance Regulatory and Compliance

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Cyber Security

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Regulatory Technology (RegTech)

What Is Regtech? (+4 Types of Regtech Solutions)

Exploring RegTech: The Intersection of Regulation, Data, and Technology


Quality Assurance
Implementing Quality Assurance Services for a Leading US Insurance Company

NEW YouTube CHANNEL! Get to Know cbsi

Beginning this month, cbsi offers a new YouTube channel that introduces the world to a variety of cbsi employees.

Carrying along with this month's theme of Compliance, cbsi's Jack Hojnar has a conversation with Head of Compliance, Gihan Shahidy.

VIDEO: Get to Know cbsi: Compliance with Gihan Shahidy

Compliance Conferences and Webinars

Check out these Social Media Events and Conferences ...

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Insurance Summit | A Premier Insurance Conference: Where Innovation meets Regulation

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Insurance Industry Events

The QA Financial Forum: New York 2019 | QA Financial

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