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Customer Experience

A New World of CRM

The term Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been part of every corporate strategy since the wheel was invented and sold to some cavemen looking to get home faster from a busy day slaying saber-tooth tigers.

There are books and blogs and websites and news articles and conferences dedicated to helping companies and individuals build the best Customer Experience (CX). This area of marketing probably contains more acronyms and abbreviations than what you might find with HTML coding: CX, CRM, CE, AI, ML just to name a few.

So where is CRM headed? With the advancements in mobile and desktop technology and the improvements in contact center resources, customers expect nothing but the best in relationship management.

In this issue, we present you with ideas, best practices and other resources to help ensure you make the most of your customer relationships.


Recommended Reading

This month, we mix it up a bit. Rather than simply provide you with links to relevant web articles, we wanted more in-depth information. These White Papers regarding the Customer Engagement Industry  provide you detailed information not always found in shorter articles.

A collection of CX White Papers in one easy-to-access website

You might be surprised how Senior Executives view the importance of Customer Engagement

A White Paper  with suggestions on how to optimize your customer engagement efforts

Customer Experience / Customer Success Conferences

The following Customer Experience Conferences may be of interest to you or someone within your organization: 
August 12-14, Chicago, IL
September 11-12, San Francisco, CA
October 4-5, New York, NY
November 12-14, Chicago, IL

Sonia Perugini: The New World of Customer Service

cbsi's very own, Sonia Periguni, an expert in Client and Customer Relationships, shares personal experiences and provides advice as she discusses the continually evolving Customer Relationship landscape.