July eNewsletter 2019

What a Great Time to be a Marketer

Are you a Marketer? Perhaps in some way we are ALL Marketers in some form.

However, if you work in the Marketing Department of a company, regardless of your title, this is truly an amazing time.

There exists more ways to tell your story - not just "Build You Brand" - than ever before.

There exists more ways to learn how to adapt your business faster than ever before.

There exists more ways to truly connect with your customers than ever before.

And not only are there more ways to engage with your customers, but ways to understand their needs better and faster. Data - when used properly - is abundant.

The ability to meet someone face-to-face when not in person (think about that for a second) is easy.

The challenge is knowing what resources to use, how to engage your customers on their terms and where to spend the money.

In this issue we explore all the amazing tools available to Marketers.



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This month, cbsi's Jack Hojnar expresses an opinion that we at cbsi support: It's a GREAT Time to be a Marketer.

Blog: No Better Time 

Get to Know: Jack Hojnar

Being on camera is nothing new for cbsi's, Jack Hojnar, host of the cbsi "Get to Know" series. This month, Jack is the person in the spotlight.

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Conferences and Webinars: Marketing


cbsi's Ken Kraetzer attended the Hudson Valley DMA last month. Below is a highlight from that event.

Cristina Baluyut, Sr. Director of Digital Marketing at Forbes Media and Mathew Kenyon, Sr. Sales Director, Enterprise Platform Sales at LiveIntent, highlight the Hudson Valley DMA, June 5th, 2019, panel discussion, "A One to One Guide to All Things Digital."

Watch Here: All Things Digital interview