RECAP: Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) Technology Conference, September 11, 2014

by cbsi Vice President, Ken Kraetzer

Providing effortless resolution, benefits of Cloud computing, merits of on-line training and a constant need to stay current on regulations were key themes of the PACE (Professional Association for Customer Engagement) Chapter Conference attended by Ken Kraetzer, vice president of CBSI on September 11th in New York City.

Despite the nature of the interconnected online world, consumer banking, as well as most other businesses, is still dependent on telephone communication with customers to generate sales and resolve issues. 

"The cash register does not ring, until the phone does,” said Scott Hamilton of Invoca, adding the majority of US businesses are dependent on phone.  Frank Tersigni of Altivon discussed the effective use of a combination of on-line and call center support, commenting, "Customers don't want wow, they want effortless issue resolution.”

About training representatives Tersigni said, "Find agents who can forget the last call and can move freshly onto the next customer call.”  Initial employee screening can be done with cloud based testing programs described Matt Zemon, President/CEO American Support, who believes this approach helps find more talented representatives.  Zemon added that using cloud facilitates training and switching representatives from inbound to switching agents between inbound and outbound operations.

Being able to demonstrate a comprehensive call monitoring program is a priority for regulatory agencies.  Scott Kendrick of Call Miner described that his firm's service uses speech analytics to listen to 100% of calls, listening for keywords and expressions of customer issues.  Kendrick stated that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) “wants to see compliance management system that supports 100% of calls to be monitored.”

Phil Grudzinski, CEO of PACE, commented that the call center industry needs to help avoid fraud conducted by others, which leads to more regulation. Grudzinski will lead the PACE Washington, DC, Conference October 19th -21st at which speakers from several regulatory agencies will appear including representatives from the CFPB.  For more, see